Yolanda Garcia Joyeria Minor Fine Jewelry

Owning a small business has opened a huge window of opportunities. In establishing a business I have the opportunity to grow economically but most importantly it gives me the opportunity to develop to my full potential, focus on the area of work I want to and grow as a person.  I also realize that the benefits of this business can extend into the lives of others, such as creating job opportunities. I consider that it puts me in a position of power and responsibility that, when applied correctly, will also empower those around me in the community.

Having established this business has impacted my family and community in a positive way. Having to spend long hours in the business and needing the help of my whole family has helped us value our time together and to know that we all need everyone. Today we value ourselves more and value what each one contributes to the business. I believe that for the community we represent an alternative, since we are very clear that the client is first and that we are here to help them meet their needs as far as jewelry is concerned.  We are also trying to get involved in community projects in order to contribute something to the community.

As a business owner I feel that I have a great responsibility towards my family, my community and society. Knowing that somehow I’d contribute to my well-being and that of my family, it gives me the responsibility to return some of that well-being to society. Besides, I believe that with my actions I have the opportunity to inspire others to take the initiative in their own life projects. Having a connection with other business owners gives me the opportunity to learn from them and in return transmit those experiences to others.

The assistance I received from Rising Tide Capital along the way has helped me enormously. The classes passed help me learn how to carry out the many tasks of business owners, taking into account the risks and measures necessary to succeed.They helped me analyze important things I had not considered before, such as the importance of regulate my personal expenses and of taking into account each one of the expenses made to take the product to the client. That helped me make small changes that overall reduced unnecessary expenses. Without all the support I received from Rising Tide Capital, I would not have the perspective I have on my business today.

I have big dreams for this business. I hope in about 3 to 4 years to be able to be in a bigger location and also to be able to start the production of a jewelry line with our own brand in order to generate more work for those excellent craftsmen. Soon, we’ll be building a website in order to offer our customers the visuals of our products from the comfort of their home and be able to order through the website. In addition to this we are constantly looking for new companies that offer us developments at a better price. I believe we have a bright future ahead.




Sumorset, NJ


(732) 213-3094

Business Launch Date:

September 2017

Business Description:

Joyeria Minor Fine Jewelry sells gold and silver jewelry

Rising Tide Capital Support:

Plan and Pitch Competition 2018

Community Business Academy Graduate Fall 2017

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