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I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Since I was younger, I knew I wanted the freedom to utilize my creativity without restrictions. So, ready to start my own business, I enrolled in a few business courses at my local community college. Afterward, I still felt like I needed additional help, but I decided to just begin my business and fill in the missing pieces along the way.

Using my experience in video production, acting and graphic design, I started my media production company Noggin Seeds. Once I was up and running I was absolutely positive that I needed serious help. A recent graduate told me about the Community Business Academy and I knew the class would be the hands-on experience I needed to get my company where I wanted it to be.

I can say that due to my determination, my business may have eventually successfully started however, my business would not be the profitable entity it is today without the information and resources I gained through the CBA! In the class I learned more about my own business goals, friendly competition, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the importance of an elevator pitch.
In the years after graduating from the CBA my business has tripled in production, gained repeat business and began to break-even and see profits. I was also able to hire our first contractor and Noggin Seeds has earned and continues to gain a great reputation. An increase in business allows me to be more available to my husband and baby girl. We have even started saving for her education!

Having additional funds means that I can continue to grow my company, contract more staff (giving me more time with my daughter and husband) and upgrade professional equipment (raising the quality standard for our clientele). I am very passionate about what I do so being able to do it while raising a family means the world to me!

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Jersey City, NJ


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Business Description:

NogginSeeds is a full service media production company that serves small business, churches, and artists. They offer commercials, logo designs and website development to help small businesses increase their clientele and create a professional image.

Rising Tide Capital Support:

Community Business Academy Graduate Spring 2013

Business Acceleration Services:
• One-on-One Consultation
• BAS Seminar
• Help Desk Provider
• Pro-bono Law Services