Kim Sumpter Wax Kandy

With all the entrepreneurship brings, just starting can be the hardest part. Since the beginning, though, friends and family have rallied around me and serve as encouragement when the times of feeling overwhelmed and discouraged creeps in. They have seen my failures and successes along the way and see the potential in me as a small business owner.  Their support and guidance has motivated me to spread the sentiment to my community as well.

I can’t understate the invaluable role that Rising Tide Capital has played in the success of my business, either. What is so wonderful about the organization is that they invest their energy in every single entrepreneurs dream as they take a sincere interest in each of our individual journeys. I have been granted opportunities that I would have never been able to experience had it not been for Rising Tide Capital. They have laid down a solid foundation and continues to offer the tools and information that I need to keep learning and growing as I build my business.

Thanks to my experiences with RTC, I plan to cultivate my relationships with other entrepreneurs and grow my brand through collaborative efforts. Now that I have a true sense of direction for the business, I will also take advantage of all the services that RTC offers that will be beneficial to the growth of my business. I also plan to streamline my offerings and move toward a brand that is high end and appeals to a more niche and very specific demographic.

I’ve also learned the importance of managing your time and resources efficiently and as balanced as possible. In an effort to run a smoother operation, I have decided to hire a part time assistant. I have worked on putting systems in place which I can now pass along to someone that I trust.  This will give me an opportunity to direct my energy and focus on building my brand and providing stellar customer service.

I feel that I have a responsibility to operate my business with integrity and to lead by example. I do feel a sense of pride when I think about my entrepreneurial journey and I love sharing my experiences with people in my own community which lets them know that all things are possible.






Jersey City, NJ


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