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I think I was always going to fall into this career path. My family, cousins mostly, know that I love to cook and bake, and we’ve all felt that we could become successful given a solid platform. Rising Tide Capital has been my rock in this case, encouraging, teaching, and inspiring me to take on the challenges of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

This is my 3rd business, my 2nd dealing with cakes, and with my experience, I decided to pass what I’ve learned onto other aspiring cooks and bakers. Over the past 14 years, I have been part of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy & G. E. M.S. (Growing, Empowering Myself Successfully).  We mentor the girls 9-18 in STEM and motivate them towards higher education opportunities and lastly try to help them become better citizens of the USA and the world. I hope the journey will show them that they have many talents and that it is never too late to follow your dreams. Plus, what you learn in school and life is never a waste but a path toward opportunity.

It is my aspiration/intention to grow The Cake Pound into a regional company, then a national brand serving the “Best in Exciting Flavorful Gourmet Desserts & Foods!” To this end, over the next three to five years it is my plan to grow to corner the New Jersey & New York markets.  I will have to take on staff as I grow into the commercial markets of coffee shops and gourmet businesses. It also means I will have to rent my own kitchen within 5 years to support my anticipate growth.

I have already made huge strides this year.  I am a bonafide business in name and legally.  This was in no a small feat but worth it. During 2018 I plan to start by hiring supporting staff to help with the baking or farmers markets.  This will give me time to begin working on getting my wholesale license and developing my marketing plans and materials to start locally selling to coffee shops. I already have plans for products to rival even my delicious pound cakes!

In this journey, I will need all the resources that RTC can provide.  I expect RTC to grow and prosper so that they can continue to support my own advancements in the field!  I will need marketing, building & growth strategies along with help regarding financial connections and advice. RTC is an important part of my business community already, and I can already tell it will continue to in the future.






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The Cake Pound creates and sells unique and delicious pound cakes, “The Best Pound Cakes Ever!”

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